Consumer Advocacy and Rights Protection

Consumer Advocacy and Rights Protection

The Gulf Coast Center’s Rights Protection Officer (RPO) acts as an advocate for consumers to ensure that their needs are heard, understood and considered. The RPO shall ensure that each consumer has his or her rights upheld and is treated with dignity and respect.

Duties of the RPO:

  • Promote consumer self-advocacy
  • Receive consumer related complaints, including rights violation, allegations of inadequate provision of services, and requests for advocacy from service recipients, their families, friends, service providers, other Center staff, other agencies, the general public, and the Office of Consumer Services and Rights Protection.
  • Thoroughly investigate each complaint.
  • Represent the expressed desires of the complainant and advocate for the resolution of their grievance.
  • Report the results of investigations and advocacy to the complainant, consistent with rules governing confidentiality.
  • Ensure that consumer rights have been thoroughly explained to Center staff through periodic training.
  • Address policies, procedures, behavior-management programs, and rules that may affect the rights of consumers.
  • Chair the Human Rights Committee at least quarterly or as needed.

Your Rights:

Human Rights:An attractive female counselor shows a couple information in a book.

  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • The right to privacy
  • The right to personal possessions
  • The right to freedom of movement
  • The right to freedom from fear
  • The right to make choices
  • The right to a clean, safe, humane environment

Civil Rights:

  • The right to freedom of speech
  • The right to freedom of religion
  • The right to vote
  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to Due Process

Special Rights:

  • The right to normalization
  • The right to the least restrictive environment
  • The right to participate in individualized services
  • The right to informed consent
  • The right to confidentiality


The rights of all individuals are protected. If you feel your rights have been violated contact the Rights Protection Officer at 1-888-839-3229. You may submit your complaint in writing to the Rights Protection Officer at P.O. Box 2490, Galveston, Texas 77553-2490.