Galveston Island Community Service Center
22 Sep 2015

The Galveston Island Community Service Center, one of two Gulf Coast Center outpatient mental health adult clinics in Galveston County, recently expanded & relocated to 123 Rosenberg, 4th Floor, Galveston. The mission of the Gulf Coast Center is to enable and empower individuals and families to live quality lives.

The Community Service Center offers psychiatric evaluations, medications, case management, and psychosocial rehabilitative services & supports to individuals in need. Hospitalization is provided when necessary for crisis stabilization. Program Director is Lisa Barrera-Odom, M.A. For additional information or to schedule an appointment call 1-800-643-0967 or go to

Galveston Island Community Service CenterGalveston Island Community Service Center Staff:
Front row left to right: Ariell Gills, Norabel Santibanez, Savannah Jenkins, Lisa Odom, Program Director, Nina Hightower, and Christina Reznikoff.
Back Row Standing left to right: Madison Davis, Joshua Roitberg, Elizabeth Hinton, Cindy Stewart, Chrissy Scalisse, Monica Plasek, and Victoria Graham.
Not in photo: George Pratt and Erika Langsjoen.


IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2015
CONTACT: M.J. Naschke (409) 771-4373